Summer U by YOU! Scholarship Contest, 2021

Your Challenge:  If you could design ANY Summer U course, what would it be? Minecraft for Moms, Cooking with Cats, Biking and Hiking???

You can enter this year’s scholarship competition by creating your own Summer U course. It can be as serious or as silly as you like – get creative!

 All you need to do is:
1. Come up with a title for your course

Things to think about:
-Who would like this course?
-What would the students learn by the end of the course?
-Are there any special materials or skills needed for the course?
-You can think of this as a course you would like to either teach or take part in.

2. Share a description of what the course would teach. You can write out your description, draw or create pictures, or both. 

3. Your course can be very realistic (How to Play Chess) or very imaginative (How to Become an Actual Student at Hogwarts). We will submit all course titles to Dr. Bein at the conclusion of the contest, so who knows… you might see your course offered at some point in the future!

4. Submit  your work online via this Google Form by the deadline (Monday, March 15)

An Example:

Course Title: Diving with Dolphins
Course Description: This course is perfect for anyone who loves to swim and is interested in getting to know a dolphin up close. We will meet at Pioneer Park pool each morning. Please bring your swimsuit, towel, and goggles, but no dolphin is required! Each student can borrow a dolphin for the summer. Your dolphin will be fed and ready to swim when you arrive at school. 

By the end of the summer, you will have learned how to teach your dolphin a few tricks. Your dolphin will also teach you some special deep sea diving techniques. Plus, you will have formed a new friendship with a dolphin!

You can find out more and apply HERE AT THE SUMMER U BY YOU CONTEST ENTRY FORM!

Here’s the link again:

Please email Liz Nierman with questions at

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